We pioneered advocacy for the travel industry.

And we're boldly taking it to a brand new frontier. Come along for the ride!

Our core values

Design is in our DNA

Design is more than a polished product (although we've got that too.) It's truly innovating to help travel marketers tackle real challenges.

Think tank

Decisions aren't made in a vacuum. We model our approach on deliberate thought aimed at solving the "why."

No minions here

We hire amazing people first, let them tell us what they're good at, and then help them find their superpower.

Get better every day

Iteration is our means to an end. It's what leads us to level up, from product to people.

Advocologists at work

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El presidente
Photo of El presidente

Edward St.Onge


Founder & former CEO of EZYield (now a TravelClick company), Ed is a pioneer in the industry. When he isn't pioneering, he can usually be found driving fast cars.

Photo of Jessica

Jessica Bush Aslanian

VP, Commercial

A Terrible Towel-waving member of Steeler Nation, Jess knows how to overcome almost any obstacle that stands in the way of delivering large-scale product solutions. Since falling into the hospitality industry during her tenure at Penn State, she’s become a battle-tested leader known for bringing home big wins.

Photo of Jon

Jon Ruggles

Director, Partnerships

A builder of relationships with a passion for product development, Jon believes travel illuminates the humanity in all of us. He learns continually through a steady appetite of books and podcasts, and in the spirit of adventure, hikes, snowshoes, camps and paddle boards near his home in Bend, Oregon.

Photo of Sydney

Sydney Almquist

Growth Analyst Consultant

A West Virginia transplant with a slight houseplant obsession, Sydney is the fertilizer to our growth team—prospecting, gathering intel, and pushing future partners to bloom. In her off time she’s kayaking around Central Florida or buried in the pages of Lord of the Rings.

Photo of Hal

Hal Fickett

Account Executive, Growth + Partnerships

A creative problem solver and professional team player, Hal's both a listener and a leader. His passion spans from storytelling to digital marketing, and now growth. After cutting his teeth in the creative world, he's now bringing his skills to the travel industry.

Photo of Gisele

Gisele Suárez Martínez

Customer Success

With travel always on her mind, Gisele enjoys working where innovation meets exploration. Travel tech holds her passion, almost as much as her Argentinian FIFA World Cup championship squad. A native of Buenos Aires, she now resides in NYC.

Photo of Michael

Michael Mathews

Customer Success, Team Lead

Coming from the R&R of hospitality, Mike is now giving back to the hotel world with creative approaches that drive new bookings. He can often be found intermittently shouting, “show me the money!”

Photo of Joseph

Joseph Meuse

Account Executive, Customer Success

After years on the front lines of hospitality, Joseph knows great guest service inside and out. He was last spotted incognito at Starbucks, legal thriller novel in hand. (But you didn't hear that from us.)

Chalk line drawings behind Jean-Michel
Photo of Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel Repellin

Customer Success

Hailing from Grenoble in the French Alps, Jean-Michel has worked in Mexico, Peru, the USA and his home country to shape international strategy for corporate clients; fluent in the primary languages of each. He is a gastronome, a rugby fan, and a marathoner, working daily from Brooklyn, NYC.

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Chalk line drawings behind Jesse
Photo of Jesse

Jesse Villanueva

Senior Back-End Engineer

A natural problem-solver and avid outdoorsman, Jesse loves the process of architecting solutions and crafting code as much as landing a wild salmon in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. When he’s not tent camping in the real wilderness, he traverses a digital wilderness from his home office in Seattle.

Chalk line drawings behind Bohdan
Photo of Bohdan

Bohdan Kirii

Front-End Developer

Bohdan enjoys finding solutions to incredibly complex problems. He finds himself constantly exploring ‘down the rabbit holes'—from new technologies to non-trivial features. Simply put, that lets him lead the charge to refine and develop our platform for a slick user experience.

Chalk line drawings behind Dima
Photo of Dima

Dima Sinitsyn

Senior Front-End Developer

Dima doesn't like to antagonize. But when he does, he'll remind you that American football isn't real football. He can believe his own lies as long as he's good at making product look good from code style to UI/UX.

Photo of Gil

Gil Shabat

CTO & Co-Founder

The technical mastermind, Gil draws from a long history of building large-scale applications to know the “what”, “why” and “how” to create incredible things.

Chalk line drawings behind Kevin
Photo of Kevin

Kevin Tiller

Director of Engineering

A core member of the product team, Kevin has extensive knowledge of programming languages stemming from all letters of the alphabet.

Photo of Liza

Liza Lopez

Accounting & Human Resources

Liza would sacrifice everything she owns to meet a sloth. If the slow furballs were native to her home island of Puerto Rico, she would have never left. Oh, and she's allergic to avocados, so hold the guac.

Chalk line drawings behind Brian
Photo of Brian

Brian Kent

CEO & Co-Founder

Thinker & maker, Brian is the hybrid developer, designer, mover & shaker. He's captain of the Flip.to volleyball team and seemingly best described in rhyme.

Chalk line drawings behind design team
Photo of Winnie

Winnie Cheng

Senior Designer

Designer, illustrator and more, Winnie is the master of getting things done at a quality that's untouched. That mockup you needed today? Check your inbox—It was there yesterday.

Photo of Doug

Doug Ra

Creative Director

What you see is what you get. Doug is the pixel pusher, turning scribbly notes and grand ideas into the visible stuff that appears on your screen.

Photo of Diane

Diane Van Leunen

VP, Marketing & Strategy

World wanderer. When not slinging ink for Flip.to, Diane can usually be found casting her dog Mack in his next video gig, or moonlighting in the float rental biz.

Photo of Zach

Zach Stovall

Senior Creative Strategist

Adventurer, explorer and storyteller, Zach has traveled to six continents, photographing and writing for tropical travel magazines and other travel brands. He specializes in the Caribbean, and has been called mon in at least seven dialects.


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